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Big Timber Ambulence Service

Sweet Grass County Ambulance Service is incredibly proud of our impassioned history. The service, like many ambulance services, started with a local family business. The Lowry family, who owned Lowry Funeral Home, began transporting patients in the 1960’s until the demand grew too great for them to manage on their own. At this time, Sweet Grass County took over operation of the ambulance, and Doug Lowry (from the Lowry Funeral Home family), Jin Sandsness, and Joe Hansen took the first Emergency Medical Technician class offered in Montana. Sweet Grass County Ambulance has continued to be a leader in the Emergency Care of patients, being one of the first services in the state to be trained on cardiac defibrillation.

Sweet Grass County Ambulance is now operated by Pioneer Medical Center; the ambulance service continues to be dedicated to the community and is always looking for opportunities to better care for our patients.  In 2017, our ambulance service was selected by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to be the first service in the state to utilize new report writing software.

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