Medical Records

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Medical Records Release

In order for your medical records to be sent to an outside facility, or to have your records delivered to Pioneer Medical Center from an outside facility, you must fill out the release form below*.  Please note: if you will be the recipient of the medical records, you will still need to fill out the form below. 

Medical Records Release Form

*In order to edit the form online, you will need to first download and save the form to your computer, otherwise, the information will not be automatically saved in the form.

Once you have completed this form, you can email it to or mail it to Pioneer Medical Center:

Pioneer Medical Center 
Attn: Medical Records 
P.O. Box 1228 
Big Timber, MT 59011 

Be sure that all sections of the form are completely filled out:

  • Section A - Demographic Information
  • Section B - This is the office/provider that will be sending the medical records
  • Section C - This is the office/provider that will be receiving the medical records (this could also be yourself)
  • Section D - This section lets us know what Medical Records you would like sent.  You can choose to not include certain aspects of your Medical Records, if you would like.
  • Section E - Be sure to read this section so you understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Section F - Signature

Pioneer Medical Center has 30 days once a request is submitted to complete the request.  If you have any questions, please contact our medical records office by calling our front desk - (406) 932-4603.