Pioneer Medical Center



Washburn Joins PMC as Director of Clinic and Outpatient Services

Big Timber, MT, October 23, 2017: 

The Pioneer Medical Center (PMC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Washburn, MHA as the PMC Director of Clinic and Outpatient Services. Washburn began work at the PMC on Monday, October 16th.

Washburn comes to the PMC from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he worked as an Internal Business Consultant.  As an Internal Business Consultant, Washburn managed projects focused on improving operational efficiencies across various departments. In addition to his role at Mayo Clinic, Washburn has an established history of striving for excellence in his work and education.

When asked what he hopes to contribute in his role as Clinic Director, Washburn said, “I truly believe that the needs of the patient come first and as such, my goal as the Clinic Director is to ensure that the medical staff and providers have the resources they need to help patients prevent or better manage chronic conditions, overcome acute illness, and live overall healthier lives.  My secondary goal is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinic as much as possible and ensure we’re treating patients in a timely manner."

The PMC team values Washburn’s project management experience and patient focused attitude.  The organization is excited to welcome Washburn to the PMC. We look forward to seeing his leadership in the clinic and the community.