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Pioneer Medical Center Receives Community Giving Grant

Big Timber, MT, May 17, 2018:  Sweet Grass Community Foundation has awarded $1,217.00 to Pioneer Medical Center to purchase bariatric patient care equipment. The new patient care equipment will expand the PMC’s ability to effectively support the needs of bariatric patients.

The equipment being purchased includes two bariatric wheelchairs. This is critical because a standard wheelchair typically accommodates a 250 pound weight capacity and is designed to measure 18” wide x 16” deep.  Today’s standard wheelchairs, and other adaptive equipment such as commodes and walkers, are a tight fit for most of the adult population, especially those who are struggling with obesity.

Obesity prevalence is defined as the percentage of adults that report a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 or more.  In review of the DataUSA website that compiles public United States government data, the obesity prevalence rate in Sweet Grass County is 24.3%.  Montana’s adult obesity rate is 25.5 %. The impact of our nation’s obesity is an important factor the healthcare field, not just in terms of co-morbidity factors associated with excess weight, but also in terms of the equipment necessary to safely treat and transport today’s bariatric patients.

Chief Nursing Officer, Kate Hurley explains, “Providing adequate equipment is a basic component to improving quality of care, promoting participation, mobility, and independence, and ultimately, enhancing the quality of life for the bariatric patient “

Pioneer Medical Center appreciates the Sweet Grass Community Foundation’s commitment to health care in Sweet Grass County.