Pioneer Medical Center



Pioneer Medical Center Clinic Receives AFIX Award

Big Timber, MT, June 6, 2017:

The Pioneer Medical Center Clinic received the AFIX Kudos Award. AFIX awards are presented for achievement in immunization coverage levels based on the assessment conducted during annual VFC/AFIX clinic reviews. The Kudos awarded is given to clinics for working on a reminder/recall process for pediatric patients and establishing an "Immunization Champion" to work on improving coverage levels.

Immunization Champion, Tina Mitchell, and the PMC Clinic Staff have been working hard to implement new procedures to improve the reminder process for pediatric patients. Durning children's appointments vaccination information is provided to patients' parents. Public Health Nurse, Jennifer Chappell, sends out letters with vaccination reminders to community members. By implementing these two routine procedures and improving access to this immunization information we are working toward improving vaccination rates.

Dr. Walker says "Providing immunization information and access to families is important to the health of patients, their families, and the entire community. Vaccinations are a safe and effective way to protect our children and the community from preventable diseases. We are proudly committed, the public health of our community and vaccinations are an important piece if the at commitment."

During the AFIX Assessment clinics are asked to select two quality improvement measures that they will focus on. If a clinic takes the initiative to implement changes to improve their focus areas they are eligible to submit write up outlining the methods and procedures they are putting in place to improve immunization rates. Techniques shared in the submitted outlines will then be shared with other clinics to improve best practices among all clinics.