PMC Long Term CareLong-term care is for those individuals who are unable to carry out the activities of daily living on a prolonged basis due to disability, age or chronic illness.  Pioneer Medical Center is committed to meeting the long-term care needs of Sweet Grass County residents through a wide array of personalized services.  PMC seeks to provide a comfortable environment where individuals feel at home.  We encourage residents to personalize their rooms with pictures, mementos and personal items.  Our residents are the focus of our care.


A registered dietitian is on staff to ensure that the nutritional needs of each resident are met.  The daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus offer several choices.  Snacks are also provided throughout the day to supplement nutrition between meals.  Pioneer Medical Center has extended dining room hours to allow residents flexibility in when they chose to dine.

ActivitiesPMC Long Term Care

A robust activities program supports long-term care residents’ physical and social needs.  Residents have their choice of participating in a number of daily activities.  Activities include Bingo, bowling, walks, scrapbooking, crafts, musical performances and religious services among others.

PMC Long Term CareSocial Services

Pioneer Medical Center has an on-staff social worker to help meet the residents’ mental and psychosocial well-being. The social worker also ensures that residents maintain their rights as defined by the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 and Montana State Statutes. A monthly resident council meeting is also held to gather feedback from the residents regarding their satisfaction with long-term care services.  Care conferences are held quarterly, or more often, with families and residents to assure they are receiving the proper care.

Physical/Medical Needs

Long-term care residents at Pioneer Medical Center enjoy the convenience of an attached hospital when medical services are needed.  Pioneer Medical Center has a physical therapist, occupational therapist, physicians, and nurse practitioners on staff to respond to long-term care residents’ medical needs.  Residents also participate in a restorative program conducted by trained staff to help maintain physical mobility.

For more information about the services offered to long-term care residents please contact the Director of Nursing at (406) 932-4603.

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