Mental and Behavioral Health Care

Mental and Behavioral Health at Pioneer Medical Center

At Pioneer Medical Center, we believe that those with mental illnesses can live meaningful lives within their communities.

Community mental health coordination

At the heart of our program, we have a coordinator that works with individuals to establish care plans and follow up with individuals who may have recently been hospitalized with mental illness.  The coordinator is responsible for assisting in hospital screening, assessments, and follow-up care after suicide hospitalization discharge; providing on-the-ground support with local law enforcement; offering mental health services; coordinate tele-psychiatry and addiction counseling services; administering suicide prevention programming within school settings; and researching, implementing, and assessing evidence-based, rural specific strategies to reduce rural suicide rates.

Pioneer Medical Center

Pioneer Medical Center hosts secure tele-medicine appointments for individuals that need a confidential, quiet, and safe location to access care with therapists and psychiatrists.  Patients can remain anonymous throughout the entire continuum of care.  We are currently serving patients that need counseling or therapy for court mandated offenses, or simply need to help with medication management or therapy.

Our goal is to provide quality and compassionate care that encourages and supports the patient to manage and overcome mental and behavioral health issues.

If you need to talk to someone, or want to learn more, call Amber Martinsen at 406-459-4763.  If you are experiencing an emergency or a crisis, please dial 911 or go directly to the Emergency Department.

Mental Health Release of Information Form