About this Job

Provides and supervises the delivery of high quality nursing care in an independent charge nurse role. Understands and utilizes the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation, and theoretical/clinical skills in the promotion/ maintenance of health. Assumes great responsibility and accountability for the quality of nursing care delivered in the long term care, acute care, emergency, and clinic settings. Directs the activities of nursing and ancillary care givers while maintaining standards of professional care

  1. Supports and practices the mission and philosophy of PMC.
  2. Demonstrates positive, supportive , and caring behaviors in communication with patients/residents, families, visitors, physicians, staff, and others.
  3. Utilizes performance improvement principles to assess and improve quality.
  4. Utilizing a holistic approach, incorporates the nursing process into the plan of care for the patient/resident. Plan of care includes biophysical, psychosocial, environmental, self care, educational, and discharge planning.
  5. Plans, organizes, implements, evaluates, and documents safe, therapeutic patient/resident care consistent with PMC goals, mission statement, and departmental policies and procedures.
  6. Identifies needs and sets goals for own growth and development; meets all mandatory system/departmental educational requirements.
  7. Identifies and anticipates problems concerning safety and infection control issues and initiates appropriate action. Maintains competency in all organizational, departmental, and outside agency safety standards relevant to job performance. Participates and offers input in Quality Assurance activities.
  8. Maintains appropriate skill/knowledge of commonly used nursing equipment, pharmacological principles, laboratory values, disease processes, and physiological principles.
  9. Analyzes and shares the practice implications of nursing research in long term care, acute care and emergency room areas of practice.
  10. Develops collaborative relationships with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to enhance quality practice.
  11. Takes responsibility for identification of own professional growth and development needs; meets all system/departmental educational requirements.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned or needed to meet the needs of the department/organization.

Specific Charge Nurse Functions

  1. Has responsibility for all patients in the ER, CAH and Observation.
  2. Complete new resident/patient admissions in a timely manner, including required assessment, documentation and coordination of services with interdisciplinary personnel.
  3. Ensure Physician Orders are written in a complete manner for all new admissions or transfers within the facility.
  4. Performs 12-hour chart checks each shift.
  5. Work collaboratively with nursing assistants to complete resident skin checks, minimum of once weekly, in a timely manner.
  6. Establish, monitor and revise resident/patient care plan as needed to ensure quality, safe and individualized resident/patient care.
  7. Supervises nursing assistants to ensure individualized patient care is completed in a timely, gentle, respectful manner.
  8. Monitor and update flowsheets as needed to be consistent with residents’ needs and the resident care plan.
  9. Make routine acute care patient rounds to assess resident welfare, comfort, monitor for any change of condition.
  10. Make daily QI rounds to assess resident welfare, comfort, monitor for any change of condition.
  11. Monitor for and process provider orders in a timely manner consistent with facility protocols.
  12. Reports patient or resident status changes to the provider in a timely manner.
  13. Work collaboratively with the other Nurse to ensure appropriate resident supervision in the dining room at all times. Ensure adequate numbers of staff are available to assist residents with dining.
  14. Work collaboratively with the other Nurse and Nursing Assistants to assign breaks and meal periods so that there is a minimum of one nurse and two nursing assistants on the floor at all times.
  15. Monitor weights recorded on patient and resident weight record; review nutrition at risk tracking and dietary recommendations and implement appropriate follow-up.
  16. Monitor daily bowel sheet, implement treatments as needed and appropriate according to facility protocols.
  17. Participate in resident Care Conferences.
  18. Conduct daily report in a timely and efficient manner to ensure appropriate and safe patient care.
  19. Investigate complaints/concerns of patients and residents and take appropriate action.
  20. Ensure that universal precautions are used throughout the facility.
  21. Accompany and assist providers on rounds.
  22. Act as first responder to the Emergency Room.
  23. Directs and implements ER patient care.
  24. Participate in orientation of newly hired personnel.
  25. Maintain positive employee relations through regular, clear communication to staff informed of resident/patient condition or changes in policies or procedures affecting patient care or patient care areas.
  26. Documents events/incidents that are observed or have been reported in a timely manner.
  27. Assist Lead Nurse with incident and other investigations as needed.
  28. May assume responsibility of the nursing department in the absence of the Lead Nurse.
  29. Communicates observations/concerns regarding quality of care or patient/resident safety to Director or Nursing or Administrator.
  30. Is an active participant in Quality Improvement initiatives.
  31. Participates in staff education in areas of expertise related to quality patient/resident care and safety.
  32. Actively participates in staff meetings, provides suggestions for quality improvement, assists in implementation of solutions.
  33. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Nursing.


  1. Professional knowledge of nursing theory and practice acquired through an accredited school of nursing.
  2. Current Montana state license to practice as a registered or graduate nurse (Associate Degree or BSN level).

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