PIONEER MEDICAL CENTER

                                                             Big Timber, Montana

SUBJECT:                            Lab and Imaging Technician Job Description

DEPARTMENT:                  Laboratory and Imaging

EFFECTIVE DATE:           April 18, 2019

REVISED:                             April 18, 2019




REPORTS TO:                                                                    EVALUATE

LABORATORY/IMAGING MANAGER                           NONE



Under the general supervision of the Lab/Imaging Manager, performs all diagnostic test/exams ordered by providers within the scope of facility capabilities and according to departmental policies and procedures. To ensure the technician is capable of preforming routine preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment and making value judgements related to validity of patient and control results.





  1. Supports and practices the mission and philosophy of Pioneer Medical Center.
  2. Will accurately perform procedures and exams as outlined in departmental procedure manuals for all areas of lab and x-ray, including maintenance, with minimal supervision.
  3. Will perform phlebotomies with as little trauma to patients as possible.
  4. Will work each and every shift, which is assigned by the supervisor unless illness or family emergency occurs.  In this event the supervisor or an alternate must be notified before the duty hour in time to find a replacement, if necessary.
  5. Will aid the supervisor in evaluation and implementation of new procedures; performing Quality Control and Quality Assurance studies; in evaluating proficiency testing for problem areas and corrections to same.
  6. Will share routine departmental duties and on call duties.
  7. Will maintain adequate documentation of all work, equipment maintenance, and communications with providers, reference labs, sales and technical personnel.
  8. Will report any problems or discrepancies to supervisor.
  9. Will engage in continuing education studies as outlined in the licensure laws of the State of Montana for the purpose of keeping current and proficient in the fields.
  10. Will perform other duties as assigned or necessary to departments or organization.




1.         Basic knowledge of medical science commensurate with technical level of pertinent

department (i.e., physics and anatomy for x-ray, chemistry and hematology for lab, etc.)

2.         Confidentiality requirements.

3.         Medical terminology and use of ICD-10 and CPT coding.

4.         Knowledge of state and federal regulations on an ongoing basis.


1.         Multi-tasking and time management.

2.         Troubleshooting, calibration, maintenance and repair of equipment.

3.         Implementing and performing all standard testing methodologies commensurate with

proper instrumentation use.

4.         Verifying the validity of patient results through evaluation of quality control.

5.         Specimen collection, including patient preparation, labeling, handling, preserving and

processing, transporting and storing specimens as well as performing each test method.

6.         Working knowledge of reagent stability and storage and implementation of QC policies

and procedures in both lab and x-ray.


1.         Make independent judgements regarding the clinical significance and reliability of lab-

oratory data and/or radiology information as well as effectively communicate the

information to providers.

2.         Correlate and interpret data based upon knowledge of physiological and other conditions

affecting the test results and images.

3          Endure prolonged periods of standing and bending while performing and collecting tests

            Endure prolonged periods of standing and bending while performing imaging.

4.         Stoop to reach under cabinets and stretch to reach items on shelving which may be bulky

and heavy items (up to 50 lbs.)as well as when moving patients for imaging.

5.         Work independently.

6.         Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

7.         Work at multi-tasking with frequent interruptions.

8.         React professionally when dealing with difficult patient and emergency situations

9.         Follow all proper safety precautions as this work involves frequent exposure to blood and

other potentially infectious materials as well as caustic, poisonous and flammable

chemicals, reagents dye and stain. Follow all proper safety precautions as this work

involves possible exposure to radiation.



Failure to properly perform sometimes multi step procedures in acquiring diagnostic data in this job can very negatively impact patient disease outcome, perhaps even mortality.



  1. Possession of, or qualification for, current State of Montana license and/or permit in
  2. Six months experience in clinical laboratory science
  3. Six months experience in radiology (preferred)

            laboratory science and radiological imaging respectively.



Required to work varying shifts, weekends and holidays and share on call responsibilities.   Be able to complete management responsibilities in a timely fashion in the midst of other work responsibilities.

Category I: This job involves regular exposure to, handling, transporting and testing of blood, body fluids and tissues which are potentially infectious materials. This job involves working with possible exposure to radiation.

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