Pioneer Medical Center

Laundry Aide

Essential Job Functions

Performs laundry cleaning, drying, folding, and delivery within well-established guidelines and assigned



 Supports and practices the mission and philosophy of PMC.

 Follows daily schedule as outlined for laundry department.

 Washes linens, garments, drapes, and other articles in automatic washing machines; places

batches of similar articles in washer drum, select proper wash cycle.

 Keeps contaminated laundry separate from non-contaminated laundry prior to and during

machine washing

 Removes clean laundry from washing machine and transfers to dryer, using sanitary methods.

 Sets proper drying time and starts dryer.

 Sorts and folds clean, dry laundry and places in clean laundry cart.

 Delivers clean laundry to appropriate storage areas and resident closets, keeping cart covered

during delivery.

 Keeps laundry department and equipment clean and free of dust.

 Performs minor repair of resident personal laundry as necessary.

 Must use judgment regarding the amount of laundry machines can clean or dry, proper washing



1. Commercial laundry processes, equipment, and procedures

2. Function and use of various soaps, bleaches, softeners, and other chemicals used in washing and


3. Washing and drying effect on various fabrics and fabric colors.

4. Resident’s Rights

5. Confidentiality requirements


1. Planning and organizing daily routines

2. Washing and drying procedures

3. Effective time management


1. Work in a well-lighted work environment which may be hot, humid, and noisy.

2. Work in cooperation with other facility staff

3. Work independently, without continuous supervision

4 Read, write, speak, and understand the English language

5 Frequently stand, lift, bend, push, and move intermittently during working hours

7 Lift 30 pounds

8. React professionally when dealing with difficult or emergency situations


Laundry procedures are minimally complex but require attention to detail to provide adequate linen

and resident clothing in a health care environment

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