Housekeeper (Full-Time and Part-Time)


Performs housekeeping and cleaning activities within well established guidelines and assigned areas.


1.      Supports and practices the mission and philosophy of PMC.

2.      Follows cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) as outlined for housekeeping department.

 3.      Cleans assigned areas, furnishings, fixtures according to established housekeeping procedures.

4.      Cleans floors using dry mops, wet mops, brooms and floor cleaning equipment,

disinfecting where necessary.

5.      Utilizes appropriate chemicals and chemical mixtures in all aspects of cleaning duties.

6.      Cleans moveable and stationery furnishings and fixtures; dusts, spot cleans and washes, disinfects where appropriate; polishes where appropriate; changes slip covers, scarves, doilies, etc. when soiled; cleans ledges, shelves, vents; empties, cleans and relines waste baskets; straightens or rearranges furniture as directed; inspects furnishings for wear and defects and reports to supervisor.

7.      Maintains competency in all organizational, departmental and outside agency safety standards relevant to job performance.  Performs safety and infection control procedures to ensure a safe and clean environment.  Reports any and all conditions that may interfere with the safety and well-being of residents.

8.      Cleans carpeting and rugs with appropriate equipment and supplies; cleans bathrooms; cleans and disinfects all fixtures, floors and walls as directed; Washes windows and mirrors; replenishes bathroom supplies; cleans walls, windows, doors, ceilings and light fixtures as directed.

9.      Cleans stairways, entrances and exits; cleans all horizontal surfaces as directed; removes for cleaning and rehangs curtains and drapes.

10.     Removes waste and disposes of waste and trash.

11.     Performs other duties as assigned or needed to meet the needs of the department/organization.

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