Dietary Aide


To provide supplements, beverages and between meal snacks for residents.


  1. Responsible for supplements, beverages, 10 A.M. snack, breakfast, and lunch preparation.

  2. Preparation of Hi Pro Milk, Supplements, Puddings, thickened liquids, and juices.

  3. Is able to accurately read diet specials and guidelines.

  4. Begins and sets the pace for the tray line by placing beverages, supplements and desserts on trays.
  5. Checks for completion of trays, makes certain it contains silverware, napkins and condiments.

  6. Follows sanitation and safety procedures.
  7. Follows proper procedures for dishing, pouring, and preparing beverages.
  8. Assures beverages and cold items are properly labeled, dated and stored.
  9. Does special cleaning tasks as assigned. Records on the charts when completed.
  10. Maintains a clean and orderly work area.
  11. Does cooks, pots, pans, dishes, etc. accumulated throughout the shift.
  12. Maintains time schedules.
  13. Completes beverages, and cold items in time for tray line service.
  14. Assists in assembling and delivering trays in a prompt manner.
  15. Replenishes supplies, first in; first out.

  16. Completes extra cleaning duties in kitchen as assigned.

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